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Metallic greens shimmer like sunlight on dewy leaves, while rose hues dance delicately, reminiscent of a garden in full bloom. This coaster set will surely infuse your space with the timeless beauty of nature's palette, inviting you to sip and savor amidst a symphony of color and light.


This listing is for a striking and vibrant hand-painted ceramic hotplate set that includes: 2 Hot Plates, 4 coasters created in alcohol inks, coated with a premium glass-like epoxy resin to protect the paint and provide a heat and moisture-resistant surface.


The resin coating is food-grade and countertop quality, functional, and durable. However please protect the surface of your plates by avoiding extreme exposure to heat and harsh chemicals.

This set has been backed in a thin sheet of cork adding additional heat and scuff protection.

Metallic Greens and Rose Alcohol Ink Resin Hot Plate

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